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Zenith Lighting and Pearson Technologies
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With over 35 years of combined experience in providing top level experiences and rental Audio/Video/Lighting  to the Trade Show and Event Industries, the partnership of Zenith Lighting and Pearson Technologies puts the power of two trusted industry veterans at your service!
Zenith Lighting and Pearson Technology: Two trusted and established providers of the finest gear, most focused expertise, and most consistent results for the event industry have come together to help your team do what you do best: Create amazing experiences for your clients and guests on the trade show floor, in the breakout session, at the off-site party, and during the keynote speech!
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If you are looking for a seamless Audio/Video/Lighting solution for CES, IBS, HIMSS, ShotShow, the PGA Merchandise Show or any of the other big events just around the corner, let the Pearson Technology / Zenith Lighting Team show you the difference between paying top dollar for whatever solutions the show has left over ,  and getting the right gear, the right focus, and the right experience!‚Äč